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Plant Services

Whether you're a new plant parent looking for a helping hand, a seasoned plant parent who needs the space to repot on your own, or you have a storefront in need of a plant refresh - we're here for you!

Re-Potting Service

Use our soil bar to repot your plant right in the shop — you can customize your creation by adding crystals, moss, rocks, or other items to truly make it your own! 

We have soil and the tools needed for a successful repotting of your plant - large or small!

One of our staff members would be happy to do it for you but if you'd like to get your hands dirty, please do! We're here for it!

Plant Soil
Plants and Candles

Commercial Plant Services

We love working with businesses in our South Park, San Diego community and we're also happy to travel for your plant needs! Emerald & Ivy can provide any size business with plants and plant maintenance. Whether it's a small succulent arrangement for your entryway or a potted plant for each table in your restaurant, contact us today to discuss how we can help!

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